MiScreen application software and USB drivers for Windows PC 32bit and 64bit, plus Apple MAC 64bit OS by RISO. software, miscreen, windows, 10, 7, mac, OS, 11, 10.15 riso, download
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View ReadMe file

Open and view the ReadMe file to ensure files are installed in correct order.

MiScreen manual

Review the MiScreen Users Guide and instructions for software install.

MiScreen_Operation_Guide.pdf (2.6Mb)
Free software

MiScreen software may be installed on multiple computers for free, there is no registration or license requirement.

Image Description

If unsure, please contact your IT professional prior to installing the correct version of software.

Windows 10 logo

MiScreen USB Drivers and Application Software for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 7
- Suitable for 32bit or 64bit OS 
- See install instructions in manual
- View ReadMe File before Install
- Install USB Driver before Application Software
- Version REV003 (Version2.1.3) Updated 31.8.2021

MiScreen_a4_Rev003_Win.zip (60.4MB)
Google Drive Link for Schools behind a firewall
Apple MAC logo

MiScreen USB Drivers and Application Software for Apple MAC 64bit OS.
- macOS 11, macOS 10.15-10.12
- REV003 (Version 2.1.3) Updated:31.8.2021
- 32bit OS versions see below for REV002 support

MiScreen_a4_Rev003_Mac.zip (9.4MB)
Google Drive Link for Schools behind a firewall (9.4MB)
Possible Browser Warning

Note on RISO Kagaku Corp. Software

Chrome (and other browsers) automatically block unknown downloads that are deemed files not commonly downloaded. This RISO software is MiScreen a4 model specific and not commonly downloaded so may be blocked or flagged.

Download the ZIP files and perform a normal virus scan before opening to ensure they are compliant and safe, or use software supplied on MiScreen CD-ROM.

If your behind a School firewall, Google Drive Links are also available for Software download

Windows REV_003 (59.4MB)
MAC REV_003 (9.4MB)

If you continue to have issues, please e-mail us for support and we can provide a hard copy or suitable link for you.

Older Software Versions

Important notice: All versions listed below are for legacy support only where 32bit drivers are required. It is highly recommended you upgrade your O/S, as no technical or product support is available for these versions.

Downloads only available via archived Google Driver links below.

Windows 7 - Note current REV_003 supports Windows 7

Original REV_100 version was replaced by REV_002. Note install may require manual USB port allocation in printer driver settings - see manual.

MiScreen_a4_REV_002_Win.zip (11.8MB)

32bit MAC Yosemite 10.1, El Captain 10.11, Sierra 10.12

Original REV_001 version was replaced by REV_002 and is suitable for 32bit MAC OS versions.

MiScreen_a4_REV_002_Mac.zip (11.8MB)

64bit MAC versions require latest software

Scroll back up, as software here will not work on MAC 64bit OS versions.