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The QS200 introduced the flat bed imaging, using a small width THP, designs are imaged in 'lanes' with multiple passes along the design.

Imaging designs onto mesh already tensioned and mounted onto a frame inside the machine allowed for greater screen tension and highly accurate registration of multiple colours - compared to GP100's manual framing

With the introduction of the new QS2536 model offering a wider single pass TPH, the QS200 remains available, however effectively has now been superseded by the superior QS2536.

  • Max Size

    A2 - 420mm (W) x 620mm (L)
  • Image Size

    A5/ A4/ A4+/ A3/ A3+/ A2
  • Resolution

    600dpi x 600dpi Multi-lane TPH
  • Mesh Type

    RISO QS Mesh 'P' Type (Polyester)
    56cm / 113cm Wide Roll
    QS200 70 Mesh
    QS200 120 Mesh
    QS200 200 Mesh
  • Applications

    Fabrics/ Clothing Dark Coloured Fabrics Light Coloured Fabrics Hemp/ Recycled Materials Babies/ Childrens Clothing Sportswear Business/ Fashion Materials Canvas Cotton Polypropelene Paper/ Artboard Wood Cardboard Cermaics Glass Acrylic/ Plastic Metal


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Watch the GOCCOPRO QS200 in action.

Specifications & Technical Components

Downloads and Documents

Documents, downloads and files to support GOCCOPRO QS200.

Service and Repair

Self install of spare parts for QS200 is not supported by NEHOC Australia. Please contact your place of purchase to arrange machine service.

Replacement TPH requires firmware changes and revised lane registration.