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It's here and going to blow your screen printing mind.

Large format A2 size, ultra fine photo quality, faster screen making, easier to use with OEM driver, it'the new GOCCOPRO everything you want - everything you need.

QS2536 saves time and money over traditional chemical emulsions with higher ROI, fast job turn around and intergrades into your existing carousel/ dryer layout.

Screen printing made easy with the QS2536. Using the latest DTS (Design To Screen) technology combined with wide format Digital Mesh to turn designs into screens in minutes - no chemicals, no washouts, no films positives, no dark rooms. Yes, it really does remove all that and provide the quality you are getting from traditional emulsions . . plus more.

QS2536 system is easy to use, working off a simple printer driver, there's no complicated RIP software/ file conversions/ graphic layouts, no experience is necessary to start creating screens . . . the printing side however . . . well, we expect if your looking at this system you already have that sorted.

Watch the video below to see how fast and simple DTS technology really is.

  • Image Size

    A2+ - 457mm (W) x 759mm (L)
    A5/ A4/ A4+/ A3/ A3+/ A2/ A2+ (25inch x 36inch - hence the name)
  • Resolution

    High Speed DTS 600dpi x 1200dpi TPH
    (1200dpi perforation density)
  • Mesh Type

    RISO QS Mesh 'P' Type (Polyester)
    QS2536 70 Mesh
    QS2536 120 Mesh
    QS2536 200 Mesh
  • Applications

    Fabrics/ Clothing Dark Coloured Fabrics Light Coloured Fabrics Hemp/ Recycled Materials Babies/ Childrens Clothing Sportswear Business/ Fashion Materials Canvas Cotton Polypropelene Paper/ Artboard Wood Cardboard Cermaics Glass Acrylic/ Plastic Metal


  • Lifetime TPH Warranty
  • Single pass imaging
  • Wide Format A2+
  • No software lisense
  • Dry screen process
  • Photo quality results
Specifications FAQ's

DTS - Design To Screen

No artwork films, no chemicals, no washouts, no films positives, no dark rooms, no emulsions or coatings . . all those steps are replaced by a click of a button as you send the artwork directly to the Digital Screen Maker. Saves time and money over traditional chemical emulsions.

Print from any program using a dedicated printer driver, eliminates any requirement to create an artwork PDF first - of course you can also print straight from any PDF.

It is as simple as 'if your program can print, you can image a screen'.

Compact size fits your business

There's noting wrong with traditional silk, screen coating, mixing emulsions & UV exposures . . . but admit it, it does take up space and it's not an instant process to create a screen.

For short runs emulsion screens are not profitable, DTG can be costly and slow if there's more than a few to print - even more difficult when customer has asked for a white print on black t-shirt (not a DTG favourite).

QS2536 massively reduces the space needed to create screens, sitting on a benchtop, you just need a computer/ frames/ mesh.

Professional Digital Screen Making

Watch how Direct To Screen imaging technology saves valuable time and costs for faster job turn around, removes many of the time consuming traditional emulsion processes and gives you professional quality imaging and prints.

Commercial frame tensioning and carousel print in the 2nd QS2536 video.

Have a question?

What we need to know: 1. Type of item you wish to print
- t-shirts/ canvas/ polymer clay/ glass
2. Size of your design/ artwork 3. Number of colours in design 4. Quantity of prints per design

Frequently asked question

A. Of course you can use your own, just remember the mesh needs to be attached prior to imaging.

The RISO QS Mesh is already self tensioned due to the thermal film already attached, you can hand tension for around 12-15Nm, however if your after a higher tension you will need to mechanically tension then glue/ tape.

RISO A frames are a fast and simple option, reusable and are manufactured to fit the QS2536 457mm wide head.
A. Yes! Keep scrolling down the page just a bit more and watch the 2nd video demonstrating a 4 frame system tensioned, then printed on a carousel.
A. This site is just for information and support - you'll need to contact NEHOC Australia directly by e-mail for costs.

Just use the link below the FAQ's to send an e-mail request today, we'll reply with screen costs etc.

We don't subscribe to any lists etc, however NEHOC do need to know who you are and some of the applications your looking at. This ensures you receive the right information to review accurately.
Ask NEHOC a question about GOCCOPRO QS2536 now.

Converting a Commercial Set-up

Watch how to use your screen stretcher to mount RISO QS master to your aluminium frames, create a screen and print multiple colours in a carousel.

Specifications & Technical Components

Downloads and Documents

Documents, downloads and files to support GOCCOPRO QS2536.

Lifetime TPH Warranty

Each QS2536 enters into a TPH Warranty Program with RISO upon purchase, which establishes a lifetime (yes lifetime!) warranty on the Thermal Print Head. There goes any concern over having to pay for ongoing part/ replacement costs.

Lifetime warranty is how confident RISO are of the professional quality and build of the QS2536 system.

This includes all commercial/ trade applications. As covered by the ACL as part of any warranty, there's no limitations as long as any failure is product based not consumer error.