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The RISO GOCCOPRO 100 (GP100) Digital Screen Maker uses Design To Screen technology combined with the latest technology RISO Digital Mesh to turn designs into screens in minutes - no chemicals, no washouts no films positives, no dark rooms.

Saves time and money over traditional chemical emulsions.

  • Max Size

    A3+ - 297mm (W) x 800mm (L)
  • Image Size

    A5/ A4/ A4+/ A3/ A3+
  • Resolution

    DTS 600dpi x 600dpi Thermal Print Head
  • Mesh Type

    RISO QS Mesh 'P' Type (Polyester)
    32cm Wide Roll with mounting flange
    GP100 70 Mesh
    GP100 120 Mesh
    GP100 200 Mesh
  • Applications

    Fabrics/ Clothing Dark Coloured Fabrics Light Coloured Fabrics Hemp/ Recycled Materials Babies/ Childrens Clothing Sportswear Business/ Fashion Materials Canvas Cotton Polypropelene Paper/ Artboard Wood Cardboard Cermaics Glass Acrylic/ Plastic Metal


  • Photo Quality TPH
  • Custom Screen Sizes
  • A3+ Images
  • Print from any program
  • No carbon artwork
  • Print in under 2mins
Specifications Download Software

DTS - Design To Screen

No artwork films, no chemicals, no washouts, no films positives, no dark rooms, no emulsions or coatings . . all those steps are replaced by a click of a button as you send the artwork directly to the Digital Screen Maker. Saves time and money over traditional chemical emulsions.

Print from any program using a dedicated printer driver, eliminates any requirement to create an artwork PDF first - of course you can also print straight from any PDF.

It is as simple as 'if your program can print, you can image a screen'.

Custom Frame Sizes

GP100 uses an inbuilt frame selection to customise your sizes, saving you both time and mesh costs by cutting to the perfect frame size each time.

Use the default options, your own custom options, manually set margins or use the inbuilt 'minimum margin' option, GP100 works with you and your needs to reduce waste through mesh offcuts and costs.

What is GOCCOPRO 100?

Digital Screen Making

Watch how fast and easy a screen is made using DTS technology on the GOCCOPRO 100.

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What can you print?

Applications and Techniques

The GP100 uses all 3 RISO Mesh grades from coarse 70Mesh for maximum ink flow, through to ultra fine 200Mesh for non-absorbent materials such as glass/ metals/ plastics.

It's also important to match a suitable ink/paint and the correct printing technique to complete the overall suitability for the application.

GP100 Digital Mesh

GP100 rolls are a unique 32cm width with a mounting flange at one end of the roll.

Rolls are mounted inside the machine for continous screen making using the RISO Digital QS Mesh 'P' Type (Polyester Mesh).

Which Mesh is best for each application?
- 70Mesh allows greatest ink flow for solid designs, use with Supercover fabric inks on abdorbent surfaces.
- 120Mesh is the sweet spor in the range with solid ink flow, fine detailed print quality and suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent items.
- 200Mesh is ultra fine designs used for glas/ metals/ plastics/ non-absorbent materials where off-contact printing is required for a controlled layer of ink flow.

Not everything is listed here, so if you have an application question Contact Us.

Have a question?

What we need to know: 1. Type of item you wish to print
- t-shirts/ canvas/ polymer clay/ glass
2. Size of your design/ artwork 3. Number of colours in design 4. Quantity of prints per design

Frequently asked question

GP100 uses a dedicated RISO Printer Driver that installs into your computer just like any normal printer, enabling you to print rom any program that has a print option in the menu. There's no additional program (as with miScreen model)/ no ripping coftware/ no import program.
- Work in A4/A3 page size to ensure correct image position within the screen.
- Work at actual size using 300dpi images and artwork.

- Use 600dpi image quality for photographs
- Avoid low quality 72dpi internet images.
- Convert artwork to black/ white. Colour will be image in a shade/tone.
Using the inbuilt NERO-ROSA graphics processor, your image is kept whole and converted to 600x600dpi shading exactly as supplied.
Solid black input will receive a solid image, any shading and tones (grey/ colour/ shading), GP100 will image as shading.

When printing photographs a dot screen or overlay is NOT required to be applied prior top printing, the GP100 will expertly convert your raw image into perfect shading. As with any photographic screen printing it's best to increase the contrast of designs to further highlight tones, as once printed, the fabric absorbency may increase bleeding and dot spread, so a greater tonal difference prior to imaging will help enhance a screen print.
Custom frame sizes set the length of the mesh your design is placed onto, giving you the option to create your custom lengths to match your existing frames/ carousel set-up.

GP100 is a professional screen imaging system designed for accurate high quality screen imaging, again and again and again. You will be using the same sized frames to ensure consistent sizing of artwork (and graphic design), along with controlling/ calculating screen costs.

Example: Setting 1 is 35cm for an A4 image/ Setting 2 43cm for an A3 image/ Setting 3 48cm for an A3 onto your larger frame.

The option makes imaging easier for your school/ business. As always there's the option to use the minimum frame length option which will default back to placing the minimum mesh overrun on the top and bottom of your design. Full details on custom sizing and frame select are outlined in the operation manual you can download below.
Enter the RISO Metal A Frame using the screw tensioning system to provide ultra high tensioned screens.

Once imaged, the mesh is placed into the frame, the metal side rods secured to hold the mesh in place, then screws are tightened pulling the clamps outwards causing mesh tension to increase. This system will produce very high tension to commercial levels used in carousels and semi-automated equipment.

A Frames are fast and easy to use, preferred in the commercial/ trade industry and completely reusable with your next design.

See RISO A Frames for further details on this process. It is recommended a Screen Tension Gauge be used to ensure accurate and consistent screen tension.
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Specifications & Technical Components

GP100 provides larger A3 designs in a compact machine.

Here's a quick comparison between GOCOCPRO and traditional screen printing methods to make a screen - you can see for yourself by removing the ensure emulsion coating/ screen creating process, the GOCCOPRO is faster and cheaper than anything before it to make a screen.

Compare all screen maming methods

GP100 Machine and Packages

NEHOC - Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Versions only
Image Description

School/ Business Package

Available to all, designed with the essentials including all Mesh grades, frames, basic squeegee and accessories.

  • GOCCORP 100 DSM Machine
  • Windows Software CD-ROM & USB
  • Australian Power Cord
    (PAT Tested & Certified)
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • NEHOC Warranty Form
  • Unpacking Instructions & Usage Guide
  • RISO Digital GP100 70Mesh
  • RISO Digital GP100 120Mesh
  • RISO Digital GP100 200Mesh
  • 2 x NEHOC Metal Frame ID:180x250mm
  • 2 x NEHOC Metal Frame ID:25x400mm
  • RISO A Frame A3159 (High Tension)
    ID: 250x530mm
  • 2 x 170mm NEHOC Professional Squeegee
  • 2 x 240mm NEHOC Professional Squeegee
  • 300mm NEHOC Professional Squeegee
  • Roll Red MaxiBond Double Sided Tape
  • 125ml Table Adhesive
  • 10 x Frame Height Adjusters
  • NEHOC Printing Lesson #1 for Standard Inks + Bonus T-shirt Sample
  • NEHOC Printing Lesson #2 for Supercover Inks + Bonus T-shirt Sample
Image Description

GP100 Machine

Just the GP100 machine is a great building block to create your own custom package.

  • GOCCOPRO 100 DSM Machine
  • Windows Software CD-ROM & USB
  • Australian Power Cord (PAT Tested & Certified)
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • NEHOC Warranty Form
  • Unpacking Instructions & Usage Guide

Downloads and Documents

Documents, downloads and files to support GOCCOPRO 100.

Service and Repair

NEHOC Australia do not support self install of spare parts. Please contact your place of purchase to arrange machine service. Replacement TPH requires firmware changes and is not warranted by self install.

Error Codes

If your machine is displaying something other than frame size, a red error light is displayed or an error code is stopping use of the machine - you will want to see the GP100 Error Code page.